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Aug 25, 2014

Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident Insurance

Creating a caring and safe environment for our students is our top priority. Unfortunately, despite all reasonable precautions being taken, accidents can still happen. Some injuries may result in medical, dental or other expenses that are not covered by provincial health care or employer group plans. As a parent/guardian, you become responsible for these expenses.

Student accident insurance is available for purchase, on a voluntary basis, through Reliable Life Insurance Company. Forms can either be picked up from the school office or downloaded at, or you may apply online at

The OCDSB encourages all parents/guardians to consider purchasing this insurance. If your child is involved in school related sports activities or is participating in any field trips out of the province you may wish to seriously consider the coverage options, which range from $13.00/year to $31.00/year. This coverage is for the entire calendar year and also applies outside of school hours.  If you have any questions, please call Binks Insurance Brokers directly at 613-226-1350.

Aug 16, 2014

Welcome Greenbank Families

We hope our new and returning students have had a wonderful summer vacation and are starting to think about the new school year. Here is the list of recommended supplies for OCDSB students in Grade 7 and 8.

12 pencils
2 erasers (preferably white)
1 metric ruler
1 pair of blunt scissors
2 glue sticks
3 ballpoint pens
1 package of coloured pencils
2 packages of 3-hole lined refill paper
6 duotangs
1 package of coloured markers
1 calculator
6 lined notebooks
1 geometry set
2 highlighters
3 binders
binder dividers

Greenbank MS is on Twitter- follow us @greenbankms

Jun 27, 2014

Have a great Summer!

It has been our sincere pleasure to serve the community over the past four years.  Carol and Rod leave you in the very capable hands of Principal Dennis Pare and Vice Principal Julie Chouinard. Have a safe and happy summer. 

Jun 10, 2014

GMS "Mathletes"


Congratulations to our latest award winners. Our GMS Mathletes have demonstrated their ability to perform with Canada's brightest math students. Three of our students scored in the top 25% range in Canada on the International Math Kangaroo contest in May. Alex A, Samantha L and Patrick JW shared in this distinction. Wendy H scored in the top 10% of Canadian contestants and was awarded a Bronze medal. Kevin F was our highest achiever, finishing third overall in Canada. What an incredible accomplishment. Well done everyone!   

Jun 6, 2014

Summer School Info.

OSTA Transportation Route Schedules

Many of our new parents were curious about transportation next year. Here is the information you requested from OSTA

All 2014-2015 Transportation Route Schedules will be posted on the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority website by mid-August.

In addition to the bus route schedules being posted, please note that there is also a “Stop Locator” feature on our website. This feature allows parents to access bus stop information for their children starting in mid-August when it will be updated with the 2014-2015 bus route schedules. The “Stop Locator” feature returns bus stop and route information for eligible students who are assigned to regular “yellow school bus” service or for eligible students who are assigned to OC Transpo Service.

OC Transpo route schedules will also be made available through the OSTA website or can be found directly through the OC Transpo website. More information on routes to specific schools can be obtained on OC Transpo’s Quick Planner under High Schools and Middle Schools.

Jun 3, 2014

Immunization Authorization Notice

Please see this file regarding changes to the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA). Effective July 1, 2014,  the meningococcal vaccine usually given in grade 7 will now be mandatory for school attendance for all students over the age of 12.  It provides information to parents about how and where they can obtain the vaccine if they did not receive it during grade 7 or grade 8.

Any parent or guardian questions regarding school-based immunizations should contact Ottawa Public Health Information Line at 613-580-6744 or email to ]