Sep 14, 2014

Day Timetable

Wondering whether Monday is a Day 1 or a Day 5? Download our handy day calendar here.

Sep 10, 2014

Online Homework Help in French

Partnered with the OCDSB and uniting dozens of French teachers, the team at Voilà Learning is excited to provide FREE ONLINE FRENCH HOMEWORK HELP to your children/students registered in French as a Second Language programs.

All your student needs is...
* Access to a computer (at home)
* An internet connection

Register at, and you will receive an e-mail every Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 letting you know that a teacher is available online to help your child every MondayWednesday, and Thursday evenings from 4:00-8:00 p.m.

Sep 9, 2014

Email Address Change

Please note that the school has a new email address. We will be discontinuing the use of Our new address is Please change your contact information in your devices and address books for our school. 

Upcoming Events

September is shaping up to be a busy month. Please make note of the following Greenbank events:

Tuesday, September 16: Photo Day
Tuesday, September 16: School Council Election and Meeting (7 pm in the library)
Tuesday, September 23: Meet the Teacher (5-7 pm)
Friday, September 26: Terry Fox Run

Sep 3, 2014

School Council Meeting and Election

Our first school council meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 16, at 7 pm in our library. Elections will be held for positions on the council. Please contact Vice-Principal Chouinard at the school if you are interested in a position on the council. All parents/guardians are welcome to attend, and we strongly encourage you to volunteer. School Council acts as an advisory group for the school principal and vice-principal - we need your help!

Aug 30, 2014

Welcome Back!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to a new and exciting year at Greenbank Middle School. Our teaching staff have been busy preparing their classes, our custodial staff are putting the final touches on the building, and our admin team has been busy all week registering new students for Tuesday morning and making sure everyone knows where they are to be. Mr. Paré and Mme Chouinard have been busy getting to know the staff and making final preparations as well. We are very excited to meet the students next week.

In June our staff and our feeder school staff worked very hard to place each student in the class they feel will put them in the optimal learning environment. Students may feel nervous for the first week – this is to be expected. Our staff has an incredible orientation week planned for all students for the first week of school to help our new students get acquainted with the school and to welcome back our returning students. On Tuesday morning at 8:15, all grade 7 students are to proceed to the gymnasium. Grade 8 class lists will be posted on the back doors early Tuesday morning. This week is full of student activities to help build a positive learning community within the school. Students are encouraged to speak with their homeroom teachers should they have any questions or concerns. Parents are encouraged to give Mr. Paré or Mme Chouinard a call in the office if they have any questions as well. Together, we can ensure that students have a wonderful start to the school year so that they can get to the business of learning.

If you are eligible for a bus, or have any busing questions, please visit as this site has a bus stop locator that will let you know where your stop is, as well as the pickup and drop off times.
Due to high traffic volume, Greenbank Middle School students are asked to access personal transportation off site. 

There are two drop off and pick up spots less than 200 steps from school:
  1. Anywhere along Bellman Drive (students can use sidewalk or pathway)
  2. Bateman Drive at Greenbank (next to Woodvale Pentecostal church). A crossing guard is on duty to ensure safe crossing of Greenbank Road.
Click here for a map of the school campus.

Stay tuned to this website for more information regarding upcoming events such as Meet the Teacher and the first School Council meeting. Our School Council is always looking for new volunteers to share their immense talents with the school community. This year, we will be looking for new council executive members including a new chair. Parents interested in volunteering should complete a self-nomination form and return it to Mme Chouinard. Questions regarding the election process can also be directed Mme Chouinard.

We look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday September 2nd at 8:15 am. We are looking forward to a fantastic year!


Mr. Paré and Mme Chouinard

Aug 25, 2014

Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident Insurance

Creating a caring and safe environment for our students is our top priority. Unfortunately, despite all reasonable precautions being taken, accidents can still happen. Some injuries may result in medical, dental or other expenses that are not covered by provincial health care or employer group plans. As a parent/guardian, you become responsible for these expenses.

Student accident insurance is available for purchase, on a voluntary basis, through Reliable Life Insurance Company. Forms can either be picked up from the school office or downloaded at, or you may apply online at

The OCDSB encourages all parents/guardians to consider purchasing this insurance. If your child is involved in school related sports activities or is participating in any field trips out of the province you may wish to seriously consider the coverage options, which range from $13.00/year to $31.00/year. This coverage is for the entire calendar year and also applies outside of school hours.  If you have any questions, please call Binks Insurance Brokers directly at 613-226-1350.